Are you interested in becoming a part of our family and joining the waterproof revolution? Do you want to sell our products on your website or in your store? We're happy to make it happen! We offer drop shipping services across the United States with 2 to 5-day shipping, we can stock our products in your store (multi-national), and we offer private labeling or co-branding (with certain requirements). Our company, DRY POCKET APPAREL, is located in Jacksonville Beach, Florida, but we operate remotely with retail partners throughout the United States & Canada and have a DC in California. We currently have 16 sales reps across the USA who can provide support when needed. We also have an in-house marketing department who can provide any marketing material when needed. If you have any questions about our products, partnership opportunities, services, or the support we provide, please feel free to contact us via...

PHONE: 229-300-3008


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