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Waterproof Pocket Board Shorts And Swim Trunks - Dry Bag Built Into A Pocket



This company is awesome! I love my shorts! I haven't tested the depth yet, but 6 hours between 3'-30' deep and not a single drop of water in the dry pocket!

Bradley Brooks March 13, 2021


These shorts are great for my man who loves to kayak and ride his four wheeler in the mud all day!! His phone stay dry even when he flips over in his kayak :D!!!

Krystal Comer July 8, 2020


Wore this pair while kayaking the Santa Fe River. Never had to worry that my phone or wallet while wading through the springs. They were perfectly dry after a long day on the river.

Derek Dennis July 10, 2020


Bought the green pair for for the hubs and he ended up loving these. Loves them for any outdoor water sports. Great to just slide your phone in and not worry about it getting wet. Great quality!

Valerie Hayes September 16, 2020


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