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Waterproof Pocket that Created the Best Dry Bags

This blog article discusses the dry pocket technology behind Dry Pocket Apparel's signature dry bags. Learn how the company incorporated the same waterproof pocket technology used in their bathing suits...

If you’re someone who enjoys outdoor water activities then you probably enjoy activities like kayaking, paddle boarding, and fishing. You probably understand the importance of keeping personal items like your electronics, food, wallet, and spare clothing dry. There is nothing like experiencing water damage to your favorite cell phone or camera while enjoying an outdoor adventure with family and friends. This is why Dry Pocket Apparel’s waterproof pocket technology has created some of the best dry bags available for those who love outdoor water activities. 

What can be kept in a dry bag? Anything essential you need to keep secure and dry. Many outdoor enthusiasts keep their cameras and phones in dry bags because they don't want to risk the possibility of them becoming wet and getting damaged. If the outdoor activity is one that involves getting wet, a fresh set of clothes and dry socks. 

Dry Bags Are Essential Outdoor Equipment

An essential item of outdoor equipment is dry bags. Although dry bags can come in a wide variety, their primary function is to keep all of your equipment dry. They must be strong and submersible whether you're kayaking, hiking, or camping. To keep your items dry, you can place them all in freezer bags. However, it is much more practical to utilize a larger bag that can accommodate all of your equipment and keep it secure. A dry bag keeps things dry and offers some degree of protection.

Experiencing water damage while ATV off-road mud bogging, surf fishing, snorkeling, or enjoying any outdoor water activity is always unfortunate. Many of us love being outdoors with family and friends taking in a day of Mother Nature. Maybe enjoying kayaking the local rivers to catch some fish or getting exercise paddle boarding while enjoying the scenery. How many times have you dropped your phone, wallet, or keys in the river and lived to regret it? 

Dry bags are a definite must-have while enjoying watersports and activities, but not just any dry bag. There are many choices for dry bags; however, when choosing a dry bag you want to get one with the best waterproof pockets. The quality of the waterproof pocket technology in a dry bag is important when ensuring no water damage will come to your personal items while on your outing.

From the Waterproof Pocket Comes the Best Dry Bag

Whether or not dry bags are submersible, is a common question asked by many who are not familiar with this type of outdoor gear. Some dry bags can be to a certain depth is the most appropriate answer to this question. Any high-quality dry bag should be able to take a brief dip in the water, even though many are not intended to be submerged deeply. Many dry bags that are tested often leak even before they’re used by buyers.

Dry Pocket Apparel, an innovator in the waterproof pocket swim trunk and bathing suit industry has now incorporated this same technology into the making of some of the best dry bags available on the market. Waterproof pockets tested up to 100 feet underwater, the bathing suits introduced by this company have also revolutionized the dry bag industry. Because of their waterproof pocket technology, Dry Pocket Apparel has been able to bring the world’s only automatic self-sealing dry bags to outdoor enthusiasts.

The company’s waterproof dry bag line includes several different products including its automatic self-sealing fanny pack/sling bag, waterproof dry bag, and its flagship backpacks. Learn more about how Dry Pocket Apparel’s waterproof pocket has created the best dry bags in the industry and what customers are saying about their products. 


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