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Water Theme Parks as a Summer Family Activity

Families are always on the lookout for the most fun vacation activities when summer time roles around. And what better way to unwind and have fun as a family than by the...

Every parent wants their family to have fun experiences. And what better way to unwind with your family than by the water? For this reason, water theme parks are considered fantastic summertime family activities.

Entertainment Offered at Water Theme Parks

Water theme parks offer a wide variety of water attractions, arcade games, outdoor games like go-karts and miniature golf, as well as delicious food. Simply visiting a water theme park will allow you to experience the excitement that’s calling for you.

There are water slides for visitors of all ages, including water pools for the youngest members of the family. There will always be plenty of fun whether you're looking to enjoy a water ride that's relaxing or one that's a physical challenge.

The interconnected looping tube slides in the bigger parks are awesome; some of them start six stories above the park and finish with a splash landing. If six stories is too high, you can choose one of the shorter tubes since there are plenty to choose from. Who says a water theme park is just for the slides, though?

Wakeboard and knee skiing are two increasingly popular water activities that many water theme parks now offer. You can test your skills on the typically mile-long courses. Beginner to expert represents the different skill levels. You can also watch it if you need more time before trying it. It's also a fantastic spectator sport!

There are often some amazing two-person water rides to check out if you want to ride with a friend. The most enjoyable option is the inner tube. Or maybe you want to plummet from an elevated shoot at top speed on a slide that twists and turns.

Best Orlando Water Parks

Summertime in Central Florida can be sweltering. Expect temperatures in the mid-eighties, but if you're in Orlando or any of the nearby areas, there are a lot of water theme parks where you can cool down while also having a great time. Let's discuss some of the best water theme parks in the Orlando region starting with a little water theme park history.

Although it was closed down in 2016, Wet n Wild Orlando is still considered the most popular water theme park ever opened in the USA according to Ultimate Waterpark. As America’s first water theme park, its top-notch attractions and slides were what made it such a favorite.

Since the closing of Wet n Wild on December 31, 2016, Disney has filled its spot by hosting two of the best water theme parks in Orlando Florida.

At their Walt Disney World Resort, Disney offers two water theme parks, and both of them feature incredibly imaginative themes. In the mountain-themed Disney's Blizzard Beach Water Theme Park, you can take a chairlift up Mt. Gushmore, a 90-foot peak covered in snow. When you reach the top, you have two options for how to fall: either take the Slush Gusher speed slide or choose the Summit Plummet, which involves a 55 mph straight-down descent.

Tikes Peak, a peak that has been scaled back to meet the needs of young children, is another option. It stands just 48 inches tall.

Typhoon Lagoon Water Theme Park, which has a tropical theme, is the other Disney water park. The Miss Tilly, a shrimp boat, serves as the focal point of this park. According to the legend, a hurricane picked up this boat and dropped it on top of a 95-foot-tall mountain named Mt. Mayday. Additionally, a flash flood that occurs at a fruit packing plant sends visitors riding rafts down the water coaster Crush n Gusher.

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