About Us

Our Story

Two friends from Florida and Georgia love the outdoors, especially being on the water! I can't tell you how many times we've dropped our phone or wallet in the water while fishing, kayaking, paddle boarding, or boating. Even carrying a separate dry bag was becoming a pain, so we put our minds together, and we believe we came up with the best solution. No more water damaged belongings, no more forgetting to bring your waterproof bag, and no more losing your dry bag while being on the water. We've all been there before when we realize we forgot the waterproof bag, and it's too late to go back and get it. Well now that problem is solved.

Who we are

We are Dry Pocket Apparel, Inc.

We are an innovative dry bag company that strives to make each and every one of our products convenient to use with confidence in knowing that your belongings will always stay dry. We have spent the last 4 years researching, designing, developing, and testing our products to make an easy to use, quality bathing suit that contains a built-in Gooper Hermetic waterproof pocket, which has been tested up to 100 feet (30 ½ meters) deep. You will never find us on the water again wearing anything other than one of our very own Dry Pocket Apparel men's board shorts or men's swim trunks!

Please contact us for more information, or shop now, and tell us what you think. We love hearing feedback from our valued customers!

Brian Collins (Georgia)

Danny Saturday (Florida)