Waterproof Pocket that killed the Dry Bag

Hi Brian here,

Getting water damage is always a hassle. I love to be outdoors with my family and friends. Nothing beats getting a full day of Mother Nature. My favorite hobby is kayaking the local rivers trying to catch some fish. I also like to bring my paddle board for some easy cruising. I can't tell you how many times I have dropped my phone, wallet, or keys in the river and lived to regret it. Dry bags are nice, but I seem to always forget it. I recently got in the habit of just leaving all my belongings behind. That stint did not last long when my family got tired of getting my voicemail. Happy WIFE happy LIFE....    so I keep hearing. 

So I started looking for a dry bag that was not bulky and always getting in the way. A company called Dry Pocket Apparel has produced a bathing suit that has one upped the dry bag industry. The pocket on the bathing suit is waterproof tested up to 100 feet under water. 

This solves my problem and also makes kayaking/paddle boarding more convenient. Plus my family is much happier with me now that they can call me whenever I disappear for the day on the river. The days of forgetting my dry bag or it getting in the way are over! hallelujah!!!